How to find a missing tenant’s new address

How to find a missing tenant's new address

Sometimes finding where a runaway tenant has gone to can be really hard. If they’re not willing to pay rent arrears and don’t want to be found, you’ll need to go through the tenancy tribunal–collections department process.

However, you can’t start this without an address to serve the court documents to. Here’s some suggestions for avoiding the problem in the first place or dealing with it if you do get caught out.



A tale of two tenants–handling tenant complaints

Being a property manager is always a challenge dealing with properties and people. The nature of properties is that things will malfunction from time to time. Sure some problems can be minimised by keeping up your maintenance like cleaning your gutters and inspecting drain gullies regularly. However, things do still fail, like burst water pipes and so forth. Landlords need to educate tenants about leaks and other issues so repairs can be attended to before property damage occurs.



DBH improvements to services

The Department of Building&Housing have made some significant improvements to their services since the middle of 2011. They would like feedback from property investors all over New Zealand as to how they are coping with the changes and any suggestions would be welcome.



How to check if your iron roof needs replacing

Re-roofing rust

It can be tempting to keep patching up old iron roofs. Replacing old lead-head nails, wire-brushing off any rust and rust-proofing patches. And if you’ve read Olly Newland’s books, even using a bit of canvas soaked in paint to plug holes!

However, at some point, the risk of a major leak of a roof in the neighbour’s garden will become too great to ignore any longer and you’ll have to suck it up and get quotes to completely replace the whole thing.



How to replace old aluminium louvres

how to replace old aluminium louvres

I recently had to replace three sets of aluminium window louvres because the original 1960’s rivets in the hinge had finally broken.

Initially, I thought of replacing the rivet by drilling out the old one, but the amount of force on the hinge would probably be too much for a standard rivet.

It’s much easier to just buy replacement cooper louvres from one of the major hardware stores.



Young lovers still get an eviction


I was lining up an eviction last week. The tiny flat looked cold, lonely and uninhabited. I stood outside hopping from foot to foot trying to keep warm and trying to make up my mind. Do I wait till Friday and get the bailiff or have the tenants already run off? Banging loudly on the front and back doors produced no response. The shivering neighbours said they had not seen the young couple for a few days. I unlocked the back door for a quick peek only to discover the young lovers in bed. Oh dear, that is not the way the DBH guide book says to do it!