Tenant Management– Be Fair But Firm

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租户管理When Theodore Roosevelt was Governor of New York he based his approach on a West African proverb which says“speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”This adage served him well during his term as Governor where he managed to come out the winner against his political opponents and he continued this philosophy during his term as President of the United States.How does this apply to 租户管理?

What does this proverb mean?

Taking property management as an example the‘speak softly’could refer to the way a landlord or manager speaks of their expectations to the tenant whilst treating the tenant with dignity and respect.

The‘big stick’is the determination by the landlord or manager to get the desired results.

Both these‘parts’are equally important–the tenant must clearly understand what the manager requires through clear communication (speaking softly) but they must also know failure to comply will have consequences (big stick).

One part of the adage without the other– what could happen?

If only the big stick is in evidence the tenant is likely to react badly because their feelings and opinions are being ignored. This will not create a good relationship and could make future problems escalate.

However, if only the softly, softly approach is used the tenant has no guidelines as to what conduct is expected of them and what the consequences may be.

Does this system need to be used for all 租户管理?

Yes. If the tenant knows the rules from the outset there is less likelihood for future conflict or a complaint by the tenant that‘the rules have been changed’. Start as you mean to go on.

Using the speak softly/big stick system should also still be used if there are problems such as damage to the property or late payment of rent. This method is more likely to achieve results.

How do you follow this adage when problems occur?

If, say, the rent payment is late how do you use these two parts of the proverb? Thefollowing is the best way to communicate with the tenant.

轻声说: Be polite and do not raise your voice to the tenant when discussing the arrears. Give them a specific time frame when you expect payment to be made and by what method.

大棒: Advise the tenant what the consequences will be if arrears are not paid in the manner explained to them. Payment methods should be discussed with the tenant to find the best method for them and you i.e. internet banking, cash, etc. Physically collecting the rent is another option. At this point vacation of the property should also be discussed and the tenant advised that 21 days notice in writing is required if on a periodic tenancy (or whatever their original lease document stated).

Carrying a big stick is not a pleasant task but is an essential part of tenancy management which cannot be ignored. Thesystem is sound and much more likely to provide good tenant relationships and less disputes. Unhappy tenants can lead to more problems for the landlord by way of more damage to property, rent arrears and cases going to the Tenancy Tribunal–all of which are costs to the landlord.

This proverb is an excellent way to manage rental properties and should lead to a much better rapport between landlord/manager and tenant. If Theodore Roosevelt got results with it why shouldn’t you.

barry bridgman is an auckland property manager

Barry Bridgman has been managing his own investment property portfolio for 25 years. During this time, there has never been any occurrence of rent defaults or property damage and Barry’s goal is to achieve the same for your property. Bridgman Property Management is based in Auckland Central, where Barry has lived for more than 18 years.